Fun At Children Park

Mini Train

A specially designed mini-train shows kids all the fun spots of Sayajiraje Park ! So hop on here first to have a look at things your need to enjoy in here !

Sky Jet

A special airplane for kids. Help them know about how a pilot flies a plane ! Lets cultivate their dream to become a pilot and fly their own plane someday.

Sun & Moon

Kids, get your feel of sun and moon coming up and down giving us days to live life ! Scream your hearts out as it goes up and down and you feel a pit in your stomach !


Kids, now is the time to ride your very own helicopter. Be in charge and take the control of a lever. Go up or come down as your will ! Fly high and reach for the sky !

Model Train

Kids, let us enhance your knowledge of prototype of the Indian Railway, replete with all domains, functions, workings. It is controlled by a remote-operated digital system. Designed to enhance and powered to knowledge, this is an initiative to enlighten people on our Indian Railway System.

Dry Games

Its double fun when its simple, short and incredibly joyous ! Play with see-saw, slides, swings of different types, net climbing, hiking and much more ! Have fun and keep laughing !

Revolving Tower

We all love ringa-ringa roses. Enjoy this exciting ride which takes you up in a circular motion. Let your heart too start pumping a bit faster !

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