Amusement Park


Get aboard the train and make yourself comfortable on the seats. As the whistle blows and songs start to play, reminiscence your childhood memories. Enjoy the scenery of plush greenery passing by & a tunnel, once again. Truly a joy ride it is!


Be fascinated by the antique ship called "The Columbus" and experience sensations like soaring up a wave and then suddenly dropping from its crest. Sure to give you a pit in your stomach!


Welcome to the 8-armed ride. Hop on one of the arms and let your heart pump fastest ever! Going all crazy with random directions and speeds, this octopus makes your world spin around. Merciless ride it is! So gather your guts and test your limits!

Cup Saucer

It's time for families to go nuts! Take your seats in a tea cup and have fun while cups are spun. Everyone's favorite, its a complete family entertaining ride where elders can enjoy along with kids. Hold tight and take in a deep breath! These whirling and twirling are sure to give you a new overwhelming spin.


If adrenaline is what you crave, try our insane ranger! It takes you to the sky upside-down, suspends you upside-down and comes back to earth, all in a jiffy! Dare hop on & thrill is guaranteed.

Roller coaster

Go wild with gut-wrenching roller coaster and let speed make you scream. Get your bloods pumping and senses go crazy! Fasten your seat belts and fix your handles. This fast open ride goes up and down on very steep slopes, so just close your eyes and start rolling !


Let us warn you that this is not an ordinary Frisbee ! It is a pendulum swing that rotates as it swings back and forth. Get ready to reach sky with Frisbee. Let gravity overtake you and a sudden wave of thrill chill your spine !

Swinging Away

Don't mistake this to the swing which we enjoyed in childhood. Get high with these extremely exhilarated swings. Hold your grips tight to experience hair-raising moments in a swing ! Patience is about to get tested !

Disco Coaster

Disco Coaster mixes together the thrill of a roller coaster and a spinning ride. Surely you already want more of it. Come and fasten your belts for some amazing adventure.

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