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An Amazing world of Entertainment

Sayajiraje Park, An Amazing World of Entertainment, is skillfully constructed and based on combination of natural availability of resources and artificial structures.The recreational world of entertainment which attracts the tourists to enjoy facilities in Water Park, Amusement Park, Children Park, Boating & Safari Park and one & only Adventure Park which is the most famous tourist spot in Solapur District. It provides not only the recreational facilities but also the glimpse of the rural culture. The park offers separate entertainment facilities for women, senior citizens and children.

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Adventure Land

Sayajiraje Park, Akluj

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Sayajiraje Park, An Amazing World of Entertainment, is skillfully constructed and based on combination of natural availability of resources and artificial structures. Packed with attractions like Water Park, Amusement Park, Boating & Safari and Adventure Land, it has wide variety to engage people from all the ages.


Park Time: 10 AM - 6 PM

We are open 365 days

General Ticket fare

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/Per Person

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/Per Person

For child below 4.5 feet height & senior citizen(ID Mandatory)

Educational Ticket fare

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Educational Adult

Only for Students Upto Junior College

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Educational Child

For child below 4.5 ft height (ID Mandatory)

Fun For You

Amusement Park

A place for sheer enjoyment and fun, the Amusement Park provides amusement with modern tools. The place gives thrilling experince of the free-fall tower taking the people to height of 100 feet, Ranger turning upside down, Frisbee swinging round and round and a unique experience of Octopus ride.

Boating & Safari Park

A ride in the safari and boating park is a memorable experience where tourists can enjoy the thrill of boating in the pool surrounded by trees. while boating, one gets the feel of real world of wild animals.

Children Park

It is a paradise of joy for children with mini-railway, skyjet, tele combat, china helicopter, dry games, sun and moon, revolving tower and a rope way. It is a wonderful scene to see the faces of children overflowing with joy.

Adventure Land

Adventure Land is full of surprises. Get stunned with wonders at every turn you take in our adventure land. Be sure to have chills and goosebumps. Its thrilling experience takes you in a world full of adventure. See your magical moments come alive with adventure land.

Water Park

The Water Park, a unique corner of Water World in Sayajiraje Park, has many facilities giving sheer joy of water sports through different rides, rain dance accompanied with music, wave pool that takes you to experience the sea waves for children, senior citizens and women as well.


Good food is good mood ! Dine in our beautiful hall having ample space to serve more than 1000 guests at a time. We serve unlimited pure veg meals and R.O. purified water. Enjoy "van-bhojan" with soothing music to calm your appetite.

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